Good vs. Best Coffee

Discovering the Best Coffee Beans for Your Perfect Shot, or Whatever Coffee Your Brewing Up

Discovering the best coffee beans for your perfect shot doesn’t happen in 5 minutes, sorry but not sorry. It takes time and perseverance. In this article, we’re going to attempt to take a little look into the realm of coffee beans and see some basic things about crafting the perfect espresso shot. But, in the end you’ll just have to buy some and test it out yourself. Whether you're a noob barista or a coffee guru seeking to elevate your home brewing game, there is something for you to glean from this article. Join us as we explore the world of coffee beans and help you find the best ones to unlock espresso excellence.


Arabica vs. Robusta:

Do some of your own research on the key differences between Arabica and Robusta beans, (this is the espresso you’ve had at coffee shops). Discover their unique flavor profiles, caffeine content, and how they contribute to the overall taste and aroma of your espresso shots, but its not easy to understand what is happening on your palate. Anyone who has become a coffee snob had to develop the skills of knowing what is what. They probably spent many days just guessing at flavor notes. Explore our website or visit one of our classes for more information on detecting and building skills to understand what coffee is and its actual flavor notes etc.


The Right Roast: (if your into that kind of thing)

If you roast coffee you know that it is a mystery, like all good art. Coffee roasting can be learned like baking a cake or any other item that is cooked for that matter. What does really take skill and savvy is creating new roasts, (if it will be any good, that is). Explore types of roast levels, from light to dark any beyond, and learn which roast profiles enhance the characteristics of espresso beans, like many things in life, you’ll find that there are seemingly infinite ways to develop a roast. Yet still, the best roast for achieving that rich, full-bodied espresso you crave takes practice 

Single-Origin vs. Blends: 

complex is an understatement. The world of single-origin coffee beans and blends is vast, and understanding how each kind influences the complexity and flavor nuances in your espresso. Learn about the advantages of single-origin beans, such as highlighting specific regional characteristics, and the art of blending to create a harmonious and balanced espresso profile.

Flavor Notes:

The diverse flavor notes that coffee beans can offer in an espresso can be startling. Just the other day our team was cupping and learning about detecting and naming notes. I swear, one of the cups reminded me exactly of what it would be like to smell a toilet on fire. But, most of the time, you get the chocolatey and nutty undertones to fruity and floral hints, you can uncover the wide range of flavors that different coffee beans can contribute to espresso (or whatever way your brewing, for that matter). Discover which flavor profiles resonate with your taste preferences.

Top Espresso Bean Recommendations:

Obviously anything on our website is the best you can find in all the world, not just Asia. That’s not true, but not far from it. We are proud to present our coffee though. Here, we present a curated selection of the best coffee beans for brewing not only espresso, but our roasts span a variety of brewing methods. Look at our selections, including our exceptionally roasted blends. From bold and intense to smooth and velvety, find the beans that align with your desired coffee experience.

Crafting a remarkable espresso at home or in your cafe is an art that starts with choosing the best coffee beans. By understanding the nuances of bean varieties, roasting levels, and flavor profiles, you can embark on a journey towards unlocking coffee goodness. If you didn’t know no you know, and with a little bit of knowledge and our coffee, you're now not equipped to confidently select the best coffee beans for your espresso adventures, but your on the road. So, fire up your espresso machine or your kettle at the house, savor the aroma, and indulge in the satisfaction of brewing a perfect little somthin’ of espresso that will awaken delight in more than one way. Cheers to you!